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Dallas Cassidy

Preferred Styles: Black work, Black and Grey, Fine Line, Illustrative, Realism, Surrealism. Geometric, and Trash Polka.

Introducing The Owner and Head Artist of Carnage Tattoos. 

Dallas was Born in British Colombia but was Raised in Ontario until the age of 13, at that point his family moved back to British Columbia and he has been here since. Dallas has always loved art and all of its forms. Drawing, Painting, and creating fuelled his passion and got him through the best and worst of times. 

Dallas became interested in Tattoos and body modifications at a young age, seeing his family, friends and other people with tattoos and body modifications fuelled his passion and became a contributing factor in him pursuing a career in tattooing. Dallas started tattooing 14 years ago back in 2010 and opened Carnage Tattoos in 2019.

Dallas Created Carnage Tattoos due to his love and passion of art and body modifications. He was and still is devoted to developing a tattoo studio where the artists listen and have in depth consultations with each client while keeping a calm and comfortable environment. He strives for each artist to work with the needs and ideas of each client to design the perfect tattoo for them. Capturing the clients vision is one of the most crucial steps in the process. Tattoos are personal, unique and meaningful for each individual. Taking careful consideration ensures every idea is heard, allowing every client to get the perfect tattoo for them. 


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Tattoo of a bat holding a peach

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