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Dallas Cassidy Pricing:

Payment Options: Cash Only

- shop rates are $160 an hour + tax

- minimum shop charge is $100 + tax (anything less than 1 hour)

- Cash Deposits are required to book an appointment 
$100 deposit - 1-2 hour appointments
$200 deposit - 3-5 hour appointments
$300 deposit  - 6-8 hour appointments


- "get what you get" tattoo $80 +tax


- $50 deposit for touch ups (returned upon arrival)


Matt Pricing:


Payment Options: Cash Only

- Half Day $850
Deposit $300

-Full Day $1500
Deposit $400

These are important steps to help your tattoo heal and look it's best!


After care may depend on the size and placement of your tattoo which your artist will go over the best healing methods with you. Please follow the aftercare steps carefully to preserve your tattoos beauty and color.

  • Second  Skin Duration:
    The artist will place a bandage over your new tattoo after completion, this bandage is called second skin. The second skin is a protective barrier that will prevent any contamination to your tattoo, it also will prevent any friction and is water-proof  (no lakes, pools, hot tubs etc. are still not recommended with the second skin on). We recommend keeping this bandage on for up to 4-5 days, bigger tattoos may require a longer time frame which the artist will let you know if a longer duration is needed.

    If you notice any irritation or reaction to the second skin you may need to remove the second skin to prevent any further irritation. Please contact the shop as soon as possible if this occurs. 


  • Removal of the second skin:
    While removing second skin from your tattoo a hot shower may be helpful to weaken the adhesive. 
    Make sure your hands are clean before removing the second skin. When removing second skin it is best to hold your skin down tight and pull back (its best to do small areas at a time). Once you have the second skin removed it is time to wash your tattoo. First rinse off any fluid build up off of the surface of your tattoo with Luke warm water, Once you have rinsed your tattoo please wash your tattoo GENTLY with a DYE and FRAGRENCE FREE Soap. It is recommended to wash your tattoo 2-4 times during your healing process. Once you have washed your tattoo allow it to air dry completely or you may PAT dry with a clean paper towel. DO NOT USE A TOWEL OR CLOTH.
    Once your tattoo is dry gently apply a DYE and FRAGRENCE FREE lotion, do not over apply lotion as this may cause irritation!


  • After the second skin:
    At this point you may notice a thin scab like layer, this is completely normal. Please refrain from peeling, picking or itching your tattoo. You will still need to wash your tattoo to ensure it stays clean and heals the best it can. You will need to apply light amounts of lotion as it becomes itchy to keep the tattoo moisturized. Make sure you have clean hands every time you wash or lotion your tattoo. 
    Remember your tattoo may look completely  healed but is still vulnerable to damage for the first 6 weeks. Sunlight , chlorine, salt water and bacteria can negativley affect your tattoo permanently if not avoided for the first 6-9 weeks. This is because your tattoo has to go through a full regeneration cycle in order to protect your tattoo effectively. 

    If sun exposure is necessary it is best to keep your new tattoo covered. You are able to start applying sunscreen to your tattoo once your tattoo has stopped peeling. 


  • Additional Information:
    Fluid build up underneath the second skin is completely normal and is to be expected.

    If you notice any air bubbles under the second skin do not pop them or remove them.

    If your tattoo itches pat gently with clean hands 
    The highest infection rate is within the first  4 days, this is the phase where the tattoo is still an open wound. please refrain from touching and keep your tattoo clean.


  • Soaking your tattoo is not recommended. Pools, hot tubs, or mineral springs are not good for your tattoo!  Please Avoid these for a minimum of  two weeks .(Quickly showering is okay)

  • Sun exposure is not good for your tattoo! Please refrain from tanning or sun bathing

  • Scratching, picking, or slapping your tattoo is not recommended, if your tattoo itches, GENTLY pat it with CLEAN HANDS

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