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Please Note that Matt does his own bookings. If you would like to book with Matt please contact him through Instagram or Email him at


Preferred Styles: Black Work, Bio Organic, Surreal Horror, and Black and Grey Work.

Introducing our Artist Matt.
Matt is originally form Lincoln, England. His interest in the Tattooing and Body Modification Industry sparked when he was a kid which led him to pursue a career in Tattooing 19 years ago. His love for music had a big influence on his creative inspirations in the artistic world as the artwork associated with the music is one of the contributing factors as of why he started his tattooing career and creating artwork himself. 

12 Years ago Matt moved to Canada and continued his Tattooing Career. Matt offers a variation of tattoo styles, He specializes in Black work, Bio Organic, Surreal Horror, and Black and grey work. With his vast array of skills, Matt creates amazing custom designs that reflect your ideas with his artistic passion and talent. Matt also creates one of a kind custom pieces and artwork that he always has posted up for grabs.

Matt started with us at Carnage Tattoos in August 2023

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